June's Donkey'n Around Newsletter 
What happened to Spring? Mother nature sure has a funny sense of humor. We went straight from water heaters to fans and many more gallons of water.
Some exciting new is that a SoloShot 65 was donated to the rescue and we are now able to take more videos for you guys! We do post those videos to our website, FaceBook page, and our Youtube Channel.
We have many new faces SO come see us at the rescue. We can't thank all of our volunteers who do so much for all the donkeys here at the rescue enough. It is amazing to see how much our rescue has grown. 

Prima had her baby!! Parker was born on Mother's Day. A beautiful black baby boy. 
We are now on Instagram! Follow us @tddonkeyrescue. 
Noodles' and Friends Buckin' Along

Noodles' is doing amazing, She has been ADOPTED! She is growing like a weed and loving life (The life many of you helped give her, we can't thank you enough for that). 


The 3 other orphan babies are doing great as well. The mini pony is being adopted by one of our volunteers, the little jack( will be gelded before leaving) is adopted as well. The little jenny is still available for adoption.

Donkey of the Month
Meet Flurry.
He is between 6-8 months old (doesn’t have the 6-9 month old teeth yet). He is a gelding and has started his handling and halter training. He is one cute boy. He is current on all vaccines, wormer, farrier care. He is a great match to our little guy Blizzard! What a driving team they can make. Both boys are the same age and size and color!!

*His adoption fee is $550*
Volunteering can change so many lives here at the rescue. It truly impacts so many including the folks that are doing the volunteering. It helps the donkeys thrive and become amazing donkeys for future adopters. It gives them a wide variety of people showing them love and care. Here is a short testimony from one volunteer-
"I didn't know anything about donkeys before I started volunteering at T&D Donkey Rescue. I thought donkeys didn't have personality and were boring. I was so wrong. Every one of them are so different. They are all so smart. I fell in love with donkeys. Donkeys have helped me become a better person. They have taught me so much and I am so blessed to be able to volunteer for such a great rescue." 
Care Tip- 
 Buzzz.....buzz.... do you hear that? Yup its that time of year. Those pesky little bugs trying to eat our food and bother our equine. Flies and ticks are extremely bad this year in the Mid-West. You need to fly spray all equine to help them battle the bugs. Flies love to eat up the legs on donkeys. Fans are also great to have hanging in the barn or even outside to help them not only with flies but as well as staying cooled down from this heat. There is also several items or home remedies you can buy or make to help keep flies down in and around your barn. Now lets talk about those blood sucking creatures.... ticks. You need to be checking them for ticks daily to every other day. While feeding give them a look over to make sure you don't spot any ticks. The equine love an extra little scratch and you are able to help keep them healthy. Ticks can carry diseases and love to transfer them to other animals. Ultra-Boss is a great product for ticks and it also helps with flies. 
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